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REVIEW: Real Life Construction Management A-Z

Review by Pam Gossiaux

Unique Book Offers Look Into The Human Aspect of Construction Management- Offers Real Life Tips on Best Practices

I’m not a construction manager but after reading Jamil Soucar’s excellent book Real Life Construction Management A-Z I feel I could be one. He is obviously a very gifted teacher and the conversational and organized way he walks the reader through the steps lends to an incredible overview of the job. What appeals to me most—and what could be used in other areas of life as well—is the honest look he brings to the “human element” of the book. Human nature, personalities and egos are big factors in managing construction projects. The physical construction is the easiest part of the fabric of a project. The challenge is how to navigate through the multiple personalities, politics and agendas, not to mention avoiding litigation in an industry that is very litigious, says Jamil Soucar in his book. He gives descriptions of what each party does in his job, and how knowing this is vital to running a smooth project. Relationship counselors often teach that when you enter into a relationship with a person, you’re taking in the person plus what they call “baggage,” which is all his/her background, flaws, strengths and pasts. The same applies to the project’s team that just met and has to interact with each other on a daily basis for the duration of the project. The book is also full of practical tips for the job, examples of forms, meeting agendas, and a how to avoid claims and litigation. Jamil Soucar, who has vast experience in construction, teaching, and also as an expert witness for construction in court, brings it all to the table.

This outstanding book is a must read for both the person wanting to begin a career in construction management, and the person who has been at it for a long time. Both can learn from Jamil’s more than thirty years of experience. Highly recommended.